18 de abril de 2011

"Blogging works better than crazy pills"

Yes, Im the girl in the picture this was 2008

Since im being treated for depression/anxiety/panic disorder (eating disorder not treated properly) I found that Blogging is my way of being away from all these issues, my recent medication (Prsitiq) makes me feel like Im out of myself, like im not the owner of my body and thoughts. I feel sick, dizzy, nausea (threw up  mins ago) this is horrible cause the only thing i ask at this particular moment is to be "normal" and feel all right. I went to therapy for several months. i'm working out of my hometown (which is torreon in mexico) and i havent found a new phsycologist and i left behind my therapy. im just taking pills and pills  (over 10 pills a day for different reasons) Seriously I feel like crap! I dont even know how i can get up early in the morning and talk on the morning radio show. 
Im trying to find what makes me happy, what makes me laugh, what makes me feel alive. i know this is a process and i have to keep going no matter what.
im sure im here for a reason and whatever that reason is, i know i will never regreat about any decision, cause that's what life is, one decision at a time.

Thanks for the inspiration Em Dickson your blog is amazing girl, keep in touch. AND I LOVE YOUR PIERCING!!!!! 


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